Published On: Sun, Nov 6th, 2016

Beloved Son of Ethiopia !

We all must guard ourselves against compromising our values. Instead we must let our consciences rule over our actions so that we do not sell our souls in similar ways of the ethnic aparthide leaders of the TPLF.

We came into this world without anything but our souls and that is our only possession when we leave before meeting our heavenly judge. What we do on this earth matters. Yet, because we cannot always trust even ourselves, we must create laws and transparent systems, which will more easily hold all accountable.

Hopefully, the motivation amongst Ethiopians for such a climate of greater accountability is something that has increased during this last year.

We must focus on improving the human rights and life conditions for the living of all Ethiopian and those to be born, not dwelling on the dead.

In other words, this fight is not just about holding the guilty accountable or seeking personal revenge, but it is about creating a government and civil society that continues to hold Ethiopian people so accountable for their exploitive, corrupt or abusive behavior towards other human beings, that it significantly reduces further incidences of such behavior in the future.

However, because of guilt that could encompass many, we must find a way to bring reconciliation between victims and perpetrators, between ethnic groups and other groups who have been divided, neglected or injured.

We need a new compassion for others who are suffering amongst us. When we Ethiopians came together this year the crossroads of each other’s grief, we began to better recognize each other as human beings like ourselves.

In the past, this has not happened like it should have as we remained in our protective groups, interested mostly in ourselves, alienated from others and not caring about the suffering of others.

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Beloved Son of Ethiopia !