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Ethiopia in the eyes of Canada !

Canada – Ethiopia Relations !

Canada must stand with the people of Ethiopia during their ongoing struggle to protect freedom, democracy and human rights in their country.

Ethiopia is a country of focus for Canada’s international development assistance, and Canada is the third largest bilateral country donor to Ethiopia. Canada’s bilateral development cooperation program is focused on food security, agricultural growth and sustainable economic growth. Interventions also recognize the importance of advancing democracy and human rights to ensure that Ethiopia’s development progress is inclusive and sustainable. In 2011-2012, Canada provided $207.64 million in development and humanitarian assistance to Ethiopia through bilateral and multilateral channels as well as through Canadian non-governmental organizations.

In 2013, Canada provided an additional $11 million to support humanitarian operations in Ethiopia,

Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada’s Pan Africa Regional Program also supports Ethiopia, via projects with activities in or linkages to Ethiopia, including the Nile Basin Initiative, the NEPAD-Infrastructure Project Preparation Facility, the African Water Facility, the Africa Mineral Development Centre, the Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa, and the Pan-Africa Bean Research Alliance. Ethiopia also benefits from the Department’s support to multilateral organizations involved in issues such as refugees, HIV-AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, and maternal, newborn and child health.

Trade flows between Canada and Ethiopia are modest but with the potential for growth in the short- to medium-term and are subject to significant year-to-year changes due to the one-time order of high-value products like aircraft. In 2013, the two-way trade came to $39.2 million, with $21.3 million in Canadian exports to Ethiopia and $17.8 million of imports from Ethiopia into Canada. The year before, 2012, had seen a large boost in Canadian exports to Ethiopia, which stood at $123.6 million that year, due to the delivery of a number of Q400 aircraft from Bombardier to the Ethiopian Airlines. Bombardier has also set up a regional maintenance facility for the Q400 aircraft in Addis Ababa.  Canada’s imports from Ethiopia consist mainly of agri-food products, such as coffee, team spices and oilseeds.

According to the Ministry of Mines of Ethiopia, 13 Canadian companies have signed contracts for the exploration of potash and precious and base metals, with a registered capital of $6.5 million.  In January 2010, Canada concluded an Air Services Agreement with Ethiopia. Ethiopian Airlines flights from Addis Ababa to Toronto began in July 2012. According to a Memorandum of Understanding signed between Canada and Ethiopia in 2003, Ethiopian exports of textile and apparel goods have tariff-free access to the Canadian market. July 2014

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Ethiopia in the eyes of Canada !